Julian Alps are so inviting

Early autumn is the best time for hiking

We´ll give you all needed informations, you´ll have to take care about your safety (with or without the guide)

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Upgrading our service

Progress is a slow process

Running a hotel business is a race on the long tracks. We are upgrading our service and knowledge year by year.

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Who is stronger?

Summertime storms

The Nature is showing we are not allmighty and we must be humble before it. We can´t and won´t change it. We must respect it and it will welcome us!

Green Key & Slovenia Green

Getting closer to sustainable way of spending your vacation

We are privileged for the opportunity to work in such a beautiful environment. There fore we are commited to perserve it for the generations to come.

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Kranjska Gora Finest

Chef Jon´s back to the roots culinary

With a respect towards the culinary tradition of the Upper Sava Valley and local supplier ingredients we are redrawing forgotten recipes in our way.

Getting ready for the summer season

Spring in a full swing

After a busy winter it´s time to take care for work that has been waiting and prepare ourselves for the spring and summer season. Work well done! :-)