Who is stronger?

Summertime storms

The Nature is showing we are not allmighty and we must be humble before it. We can´t and won´t change it. We must respect it and it will welcome us!

Living in the Alps, under the high and majestic peaks, learning to know more about weather comes naturally and with the utmost respect. Once outside and in the nature, one fast learns about the beauty and cruelness of the changing weather. Therefore, before leaving home, a meteorological forecast must be understood and when packing the backpack, wisdom has to be considered. 

Storms are inevitably influencing our decisions and one has to be sure when to go outside and for how long. If you would like to learn more on how to prepare for a storm we suggest to set up a meeting with a licensed mountain guide.  

People are powerless against nature and we need to respect it even when weather is good, not only when it comes to unpredicting situations. 

But if the forecast is bad, what can you do? Plenty! Obviously there are the obvious as enjoying the time in spa, go for a massage, chose a mouthwatering 7-course tasting menu, visit a cave system, go for rafting, canyoning (you will get wet anyway), visit the famous escape room, go to a museum, etc. And for some original ideas come to the Front Desk for a suggestion to see a travelog with a famous mountaineer, discus your knowledge with a professional photographer, go for a schnapps tasting, endure in indoor paintball, experience fortune telling, etc.

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