Getting ready for the summer season

Spring in a full swing

After a busy winter it´s time to take care for work that has been waiting and prepare ourselves for the spring and summer season. Work well done! :-)

As is usually the case we have seized the spring for some larger scale works can be done after the winter and to prepare the outside aera for the warmer days. For this occasion, hotel team was gathered and together we held up a working action under the supervision of our college, Matjaž from the front desk.

All departments were pleased to take care of different work requirements; taking out weeds, levelling the sand car park, cleaning stones and the fire pit, washing the terrace, the list was long, but all the tasks were successfully accomplished, and the outside of Triangel Boutique Hotel is again very neat. Something that seems so spontaneously, actually demands a lot of dedicated work and planning. 

20210416090940Beautiful view at mountain tops.

You may also just choose to relax and enjoy the nature’s finest, looking at mountain tops, listening to birds singing and smelling the honey plants all around you.

We can say that we are ready for the summer season.

This is the perfect time to enjoy in colors and smells of blossoming meadows, to get lost in surrounding forests or simply sit by the refreshing and crystal-clear waters. Here at Triangel Boutique Hotel we are happy to have them in the closest proximity. Triglav National Park starts here too all is best described by the famous natural scientist Sir Humphry Davy, who wrote: »Be his memory held in honors«.

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