Kranjska Gora Finest

Chef Jon´s back to the roots culinary

With a respect towards the culinary tradition of the Upper Sava Valley and local supplier ingredients we are redrawing forgotten recipes in our way.

Our cuisine is dedicated to use as much as possible local ingredients without any additional artificial components. We try our best to incorporate local suppliers from the Upper Sava Valley, connect them with other restaurants in the aera, highlight their products in our offer and promote them with special dinner evenings, to pair them with handpicked local herbs, healing plants and edible blossoming flowers in our culinary. 

jp 2023 0017 000110In June 2023 Restaurant Triangel has been awarded with a "Kranjska Gora Finest" certificate of excellence 

Chef, Jon Zupan cleverly incorporates local ingredients to prepare pampering and mouthwatering dishes to overwhelm your expectations. We take great pride in working closely with local food producers and the food quality shows for it. We are looking forward in welcoming you in our company.

In June 2023 Restaurant Triangel has been awarded with a brand “Kranjska Gora Finest” with a maximum point for a original retake on an traditional food called “esihflajš” and it has been extremely well received with our guests too. We are very proud on the originality, flavor combination and plate presentation all made by chef Jon Zupan with his dedicated team.

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