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Fairytale about Advent in Triangel Boutique Hotel

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Once upon a frost-kissed December in the heart of the Julian Alps, nestled at the foot of the majestic Martuljek mountain group, stood the Triangel Boutique Hotel. Its walls whispered tales of timeless elegance, where tradition danced with modernity, and the air hummed with the promise of enchantment.


The hotel perched on the edge of the Triglav National Park, a sanctuary where nature’s symphony played uninterrupted. Here, the snow-draped pines and sprouces whispered secrets to the wind, and the pristine rivers murmured ancient melodies. The hotel itself, harmoniously designed to honor local architectural heritage, blended seamlessly into this pristine canvas.


As the first snowflakes pirouetted from the heavens, the hotel adorned its halls with evergreen wreaths and twinkling lights. The scent of cinnamon and freshly baked cookies wafted from the kitchen, where chef Jon Zupan orchestrated culinary magic. His creations, like edible poetry, graced the plates of guests who gathered in the cozy Restavrant Triangel.

dsc01630 enhanced nr 1Photo: Nika Hočevar

In the lobby, a crackling fireplace beckoned weary travelers. The shared lounge echoed with laughter as families huddled together, sipping mulled wine and sharing stories. Outside, the terrace offered panoramic views of snow-capped peaks—the Martuljška group standing sentinel, their icy crowns glistening under the moon’s watchful eye.

And then, one frost-kissed evening, the hotel’s guests discovered a hidden door. It led to a secret room—a place where time stood still. Within its walls, three mysterious figures awaited: the Good Men, the Good Men. They arrived bearing gifts of warmth, kindness, and wonder.


The first Good Man, clad in a crimson robe, carried a basket of spiced apples. He whispered blessings of health and laughter, leaving behind a trail of cinnamon-scented joy. The second, wrapped in emerald green, gifted handmade mittens—each stitch infused with love and protection. And the third, in a cloak of midnight blue, sang carols that echoed through the corridors, weaving dreams of peace and togetherness.

As the days counted down to Christmas, the hotel transformed. Each morning, guests awoke to find small surprises—a chocolate truffle on their pillow, a handwritten note of goodwill, or a sprig of mistletoe above their door. The Triangel Boutique Hotel became a haven of magic, where wishes took flight and hearts thawed like snow under the sun.

On Christmas Eve, the guests gathered in the candlelit courtyard. The Good Men stood at the center, their eyes twinkling with ancient wisdom. They invited everyone to share their hopes for the coming year. And so, beneath the star-studded sky, laughter and tears mingled as wishes soared—a symphony of longing and gratitude.

As the clock struck midnight, the snowflakes danced faster, swirling around the hotel like celestial confetti. The Good Men vanished, leaving behind a single golden key. It fit the secret room—a portal to a world beyond time. And those who dared to enter found themselves in a snow-kissed forest, where whispers of forgotten dreams echoed among the pines.


And so, dear reader, if you ever find yourself at the Triangel Boutique Hotel during Advent, keep your heart open. For within its walls, magic awaits—a blend of tradition, warmth, and the promise of Good Men who visit when the snow falls softest.

May your days be merry, your nights filled with wonder, and your heart forever touched by the spirit of Triangel Boutique Hotel. 🌟❄️🎄