Standard room with a view of the Karavanke mountains


The Vošca mountain pasture is the highest mountain pasture in this part of Karavanke, and is still a place where farmers from the Koroška region bring their livestock to graze.

This is the reason behind the years of disputes between the peoples of Srednji Vrh and the Koroška region. The view from the summit of Vošca is truly magnificent. To the south there are the Julian Alps, and to the north, you can see the entire Koroška region, all the way to Grossglockner.

Since the end of WWI and the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian empire, the international border has run across the top of Karavanke. A border guardhouse with border guards to protect the border and prevent crossings was built on the Vošca back in the days of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The inhabitants of Srednji Vrh and Rute who owned meadow fields, pastures and forests were given a special status which allowed them limited movement along the frontier area. Many commodities were expensive and hard to come by in the former Yugoslavia. Unlike in Austria, where prices were lower and goods were available and could be sold, goods were regarded as monopolistic commodities. Some locals took advantage of these circumstances and used their familiarity with the terrain for smuggling or "švercanje", a tradition which continued even after WWII.

After 1950, the hunting family formed at the end of WWII had its hunting grounds in the Julian Alps taken from it. Ever since, the Za Lepim Vrhom (behind Lepi Vrh) area is considered to be the main hunting ground for local hunters.

  • Room size 24 m²
  • Bed type Double bed or two Twin beds
  • Bed size 180x200 cm or 2 x 90x200 cm
  • Persons 2 adults or 1 adult & 1 child