Standard room with a view of the Karavanke mountains

Srednji Vrh

Srednji Vrh is a village situated on the glacier shelf above Gozd – Martuljek, with spectacular, breath-taking views of the Martuljek mountains.

According to historical sources, Srednji Vrh was first populated as early as the 14th century. It is first mentioned in written texts in 1498. Unlike the peaks on the other side of the valley, Karavanke gave its inhabitants better chances of survival because of its exposure to sun. When its fields were cleared of overgrowth, the forests of Karavanke provided people with bread, and also a door to the world, because Beljak was much closer than Kranj.

It is believed that both the Upper Sava valley and Srednji Vrh were first populated by people from the Koroška region, because they are easier to access from the northern side. This is also described in the local folk tradition, where it is claimed that the original name of Srednji Vrh used to be the Koroška planina (Carinthia mountain). 

Due to its strategically significant location, Srednji Vrh also played a crucial role during the Turkish invasions and is also home to the oldest wooden ceiling in Slovenia, built in the farm at Hlebanja in 1506.

  • Room size 24 m²
  • Bed type Double bed or two Twin beds
  • Bed size 180x200 cm or 2 x 90x200 cm
  • Persons 2 adults or 1 adult & 1 child